While we don't provide emergency services at our clinic, the following is a list of emergency shelters and clinics in the local area:

Southern Crescent Emergency in Fayetteville



Union City Emergency Center


Microchipping Your Pet

A Microchip is a tiny computer chip about the size of a grain of rice programmed with an identification number. Once a pet is injected with the chip, it can be identified throughout its life with this one of a kind number. A special scanner is used to read the chip number and the national registry can be contacted to find out to whom the pet belongs. Microchips are implanted with a needle beneath the skin between the shoulder blades. They cannot be felt or seen. Young pets as early as 6 - 8 weeks of age can be microchipped. A discount is applied if chipped at the time of spay/neuter/dental procedures. Help your pet have a better chance for a safe return. Call for an appointment to have your pet's chip implanted today.